CFP: Colloquium: A Journal of the Arts Department

[Published by the Bhawanipur Educational Society College]

Topic: Marginalization and basic human values

The progress of human civilization in terms of thought as well as logical analysis has been a journey in problematizing the dialectics of questions related to order/ disorder and knowledge/ power since ages. In the present era of heterogeneity and relativity of perspectives, with rising emphases on particularities related to the concept of identity and fluidity of priorities and loyalties, the conflicts between the notional ‘centres’ and notional ‘peripheries’ have perhaps witnessed a huge increase in proportion. While safeguarding and fighting for one’s own cause/s, humanity and basic human values seem to have been neglected under either openly prejudiced and ‘traditionalist’ points of view or a professed garb of ‘progressive’ and ‘liberal’ patterns of mutual coexistence.

The fourth volume of Colloquium – the multidisciplinary, multilingual, peer reviewed Journal of the Arts Section, The Bhawanipur Education Society College seeks to explore the issue of Marginalization and Basic Human Values.

Articles addressing the issue are invited from teachers, scholars and researchers. The articles, not exceeding 2500 words, may be sent to, positively by 20th October 2017.